Kent Hicks

Owner & General Contractor; Certified Passive House Consultant

Kent Hicks came to Western Massachusetts from the Oklahoma Panhandle in 1980 to study with acclaimed British furniture-maker, David Powell.  After mastering the art of fine furniture making, he began building and renovating residential and commercial properties with the same commitment to craftsmanship.  Today, his portfolio includes hundreds of beautiful, energy efficient new and renovated homes, as well as authentic historic restorations.

Kent’s commitment to mitigating climate change and passion to learn the best practices in building science have made him an innovative leader in the construction of high-performance buildings.  From the Energy Crafted houses of the 1990’s to today’s Deep Energy Retrofits and Zero Net Energy buildings, Kent has garnered decades of technical expertise and a thorough understanding of emerging challenges, such as moisture management, superior indoor air quality, material toxicity and life cycle assessment of product and process.

Kent’s search for the most responsible way to build led him to Passivhaus design, a standard that combines rigorous energy efficiency specifications with comfort and precision engineering quality.

Lynn Hicks


Lynn is co-owner of Kent Hicks Construction and assists with human resources, public relations and management decisions. Lynn is passionate about  reducing individual carbon footprints. She is grateful to be living on the East Branch of the healthy Westfield River.

Denise Keay


Denise has 30 years of experience as a business manager/comptroller. In recent years, she has found her niche working at smaller companies that display integrity and a strong positive direction, and we are glad she did. Denise brings extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and many other talents to our expanding business. She and her husband recently purchased a second home in Florida where they plan to spend the winter months playing golf and sipping drinks by the water.

Véronique Bryant


Véronique has 29 years of experience as an administrative and executive assistant in the Netherlands and the US. When she is not at Kent Hicks’ office keeping the books, she works with her clients on social media and graphic design, and enjoys working with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Véronique is also a mosaic artist and dabbles in figurative drawing and watercolor painting. Her passion is traveling and languages.

Sarah Bartholomew


Sarah comes to the company as a recent New York City transplant. She has extensive project and office management experience that is enriched by being a licensed Expressive Arts therapist and a former art installer at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.

Emmit Varitimos


Emmit is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, studying Architecture and Building Construction Technology, and an intern at Kent Hicks Construction. In the Fall of 2017, he spent a semester in Vermont, at Yestermorrow, a sustainable design build program. Emmit has an interest in green building, and is working on the East Branch Homes segment of Kent Hicks.

Ben Norrichs


Ben grew up in California and moved to Massachusetts in 2006 to attend graduate school. He is a former neuroscientist, a father of two, and a carpenter with a passion for building.  As a project manager, Ben is committed to maximizing the sustainability, comfort, beauty, and quality in everything he does.

Greg Bossie


Greg grew up in Northern California and practiced design in Southern California while completing a bachelors of architecture. After relocating to Western Massachusetts in 2011, he owned and operated an artisan concrete company for 7 years before joining the Kent Hicks Construction team as a project manager.

Matthew Rudnik


Matt has over 13 years of experience in frame-to-finish carpentry, with the past six years focused on the finish aspects of projects. He enjoys working on projects that advance the building industry, such as net-zero homes and Passivhaus, while preserving the high standards he has set for himself in the finish quality of his clients’ homes.

Alicia Spence


Alicia graduated college with a degree in environmental studies with a concentration in forestry. This led  to working in National Parks and for the US Forest Service where she built timber bridges and erosion control structures in designated wilderness areas.  After spending her twenties in the backcountry, and completing some graduate study in historic preservation planning, she joined a timber framing company in Washington state. Twenty years and many, many new and historic timber frame buildings later, she is still delighted by the process of creating sound joinery.

Ryan Hutchinson


While Ryan has been involved in the building process from frame to finish, his expertise is in finish carpentry and kitchen work. Ryan is glad to be part of a team that is committed to lowering the carbon footprint and providing energy-efficient homes. He is particularly interested in using reclaimed materials for finish work—bringing old and new together.

Tom Coughlin


Tom has been building fine furniture for 25 years— and acoustic guitars for 15 years. His interests extend to post and beam structures and modest but interesting housing. As a member of the Kent Hicks Construction team, Tom enjoys the process of combining historical design details with an efficient house that is comfortable for its occupants.

Glenn Leonard


Glenn’s woodworking career spans 43 years and all aspects of the building trade, including 30 years as a business owner. He feels compelled to do the best work he can, which always keeps him interested and learning from others. He now wishes to convey his passion and accumulated knowledge to the next generation.

Ben Bowman


Ben finds purpose and joy in working for a more just and sustainable world. Pursuing these passions, he has lived and worked at a Catholic Worker house in St. Louis, managed an internship program and permaculture project in coastal Ecuador, and studied sustainable construction at the Endeavour Centre in Ontario, Canada. He looks forward to a time when it will be normal for buildings to sequester more carbon than they emit.