Here are some kind words from a few of our clients. We appreciate their trust in our abilities and value the friendships we’ve formed.

Kent and his crew are the best–leaders in their field and masters at their craft. They created an addition for my post-and-beam home that turned a quirky and idiosyncratic house into a warm and elegant sanctuary that had new-found flow and logic. And have been there for me, as friends and as builders, ever since!

~Kelly Anderson, Renovation

Kent’s tremendous knowledge and dedication to high-performance construction were invaluable in the planning and execution of the construction documents; his thoughtful feedback on the design made the house more efficient while keeping costs down. All true!

~ W.Scott Laidlaw, Architect

Anyone can see the quality of Kent Hicks’ work: the new West Cummington Church is as simple and beautiful as its surroundings.

What you can’t see is the quantity of Kent’s work: nothing was left to chance or ‘good enough.’ Everything was thorough and better than it had to be.You also can’t see how the work was achieved. Kent listens to the idea. Then he makes it real—and beautiful.

~ Stephen Philbrick, Minister, West Cummington Congregational Church

We had a very specific vision of how we wanted to renovate our 200-year-old kitchen – and Kent Hicks delivered, combining old and new that resulted in a cohesive whole that came out better than the design we gave him. Kent is the real deal: an old-fashioned craftsman – honest, creative and reliable.

~ Ben Bederson, Renovation

Kent Hicks–If you are not looking for skilled execution, aesthetic sensitivity, utter reliability, deep building knowledge and fair dealing, don’t engage Kent Hicks as your contractor. If you want all of these qualities, you can find no one better, period!

~ Wil Hastings, New Home

Kent Hicks brings great talent, integrity, and intelligence to the building process.  He is innovative, perfectionistic, respectful, easy to talk to–we would never work with anyone else!

~ Jennifer Rosner and Bill Corwin, Renovation

Everyone on Kent’s crew was skilled, knowledgeable, and wonderful to work with. Kent has a great eye for detail and a vast knowledge of energy efficient house building.

~ Traci and Pete Olsen, New Home

Kent and his crew worked ceaselessly with impeccable precision, workmanship, and speed to finish our home to meet the due date. Visitors say we are living in paradise, as they go from room to room, impressed with the detail work and design. Saying they wish they could have a house like ours.

Not only does Kent build with top craftsmanship, you also get to work with someone who is easy going, listens to what you want and sees that it gets done. Even after the house was built, a minor problem came up and Kent went to bat with the manufacturer to see that a door was replaced (it had slight cracks in it that with time would get larger). Kent has a wide network of experienced, high-quality sub-contractors who have worked with him for years who are an integral part of the building process and he oversees it all wonderfully.

~ June Carter, New Home

Kent renovated our retirement home. He removed old and worn and installed a new hardwood floor, opened up walls creating a living–dining area, installed new windows and designed and built our New England front porch. We observed his commitment to up-to code; his broad architectural and construction experience; his oversight of his skilled workers; his timeliness and fair pricing. Kent left us with a sense that he exudes ethics. We continue to call him for additional improvements.

~ George Bertrand, Renovation