Building Science Symposium

Kent just returned from the invitation only Building Science Corporation 17th  Symposium. The event is hosted by the foremost authority on Building Technology and principal of Building Science Corp, Joseph Lstiburek. Joe[...]

Garrison Institute “Climate, Buildings and Behavior”

Kent has been invited to attend this year’s symposium. From September 18th to September 20th, the Garrison Institute will host its fifth annual Climate, Buildings and Behavior (CBB) Symposium. This high-level meeting[...]

Passive House Article in July 2013 Professional Builder

This months issue of Professional Builder magazine features the cover article on Passive House as being the new gold standard for energy performance in American building. Our good friend and colleague Mike[...]

President Obama revisits the Clean Air Act

President Obama’s  plan, unveiled Tuesday at Georgetown University in Washington, will set off legal and political battles that will last years. But experts say that if all goes well for the president,[...]

Energy Efficient Home Landscapes

ASLA VIDEO: ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME LANDSCAPES Landscape design is an important, and often overlooked, piece in the energy efficiency puzzle.   Consider this statistic quoted by the American Society of Landscape Architects[...]

Climate Change and Landscape Design

ARTICLE SERIES: COMBATING CLIMATE CHANGE WITH LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is focusing on the role of landscape design in our changing climate. These articles offer an overview of how[...]

“Financially Astute Energy Efficient Home Owners”

A recent University of NC research study compared a sample of about 71,000 Energy Star and non- Energy Star rated homes loan performance data. It was found that homeowners who live in[...]

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle actor, Builds a Passive House in CA

We recently learned that Bryan Cranston, star of one of our favorite television shows, “Breaking Bad” (thank you netflix), and his wife Robin Dearden,  have built a new home which is targeted[...]

Young Voices for the Planet, children and young people inspire us to work towards environmental advocacy!

We recently heard a story on NPR about Young Voices for the Planet.  It is an educational model with movies about climate change and advocating for saving the planet made with and[...]

Tools of Change: Home/Building Energy Case Studies

Pilot programs and social marketing techniques considered to be among the most successful, innovative and replicable approaches to helping consumers monitor and reduce their household and business energy use.  The case studies[...]