Mitsubishi Mini Split Heating and Cooling System

Used in Asia and Europe for decades these heating/cooling systems are gaining popularity in the US. During cooler months, it works as a normal heat pump, collecting heat from the outdoor air[...]

Zehnder HRV

The whole house heat recovery ventilation system works continuously to extract moist, stale air from wet rooms (kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms) and supply fresh, filtered air to habitable rooms (bedrooms, living[...]

Passive House Alliance

Passive House Alliance strives to promote, educate, share and network about passive house building. PHA-US is an independent initially launched by PHIUS. It connects consultants with each other and with continuing education[...]

Passive House in the news

On September 25th, 2010 The New York Times ran a full-length article on the growing interest in super-insulated homes built to the new, Passive House standard. The New York Times article How[...]

Solar Renewable Energy Credits

SREC programs are a key component of making solar energy affordable in a growing number of U.S. states. A SREC is credited for every megawatt-hour of electricity produced by a solar facility[...]

Solar Thermal vs. Photovoltaic

It is important to understand that solar thermal technology is not the same as solar panel, or photovoltaic, technology. Solar thermal electric energy generation concentrates the light from the sun to create[...]

Photo Voltaic Better than Solar Thermal

Author, Martin Holladay has worked as a roofer, remodeler, builder, and plumbing wholesale counterperson. He built his first passive solar house in northern Vermont in 1974, and has lived off the grid[...]

Thousand Home Challenge

ImagineĀ if a thousand homes in North America reduced energy use by 70% to 90%. In some respects, it might seem like only a drop in the bucket compared to the 124 million[...]

International Passive House Association

iPHA is a global network of Passive House architects, planners, scientists, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors and property developers. It works to promote the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of[...]

Building Science Corporation

Boston based consulting firm with an abundance of resources related to all aspects of building science, a library of articles and posts full of ideas, designs, products, guides and manuals. There is[...]