NESEA Building Energy 16: Building Energy Conference and Trade Show in Boston, March 8-10, 2016

Kent will be a speaker at the NESEA Conference this year with Jesse Selman and Chris Briley. Their workshop is titled “When You Come To A Fork, Take It. Residential Choices and[...]

Passive House in NYC by Alison Gregor

Sunday’s New York Times featured a great article on Passive House retrofits and new construction in New York City. Now, with a few dozen homes and small projects built or retrofitted to[...]

Savoy House Photos


Adaptive Use of Old Buildings

Our circa 1850’s office building in West Chesterfield was originally a grist mill and later a saw handle factory. We are in the midst of a Deep Energy Retrofit, expanding our workspace[...]

DER on Our Office Here in West Chesterfield

We’re starting our next phase “deep energy retrofit” on our old mill building here on the Westfield River in West Chesterfield. For the first phase, it was clear as we started demolition[...]

Life Cycle Assessment of Materials and Products

We along with others involved in green building have recognized that the materials and products used in buildings make significant environmental impacts long before they are installed. The impacts include the amount[...]

Retrofits Versus Take Downs and New Builds

When we evaluate structures to either tear down and re-build or save and retrofit, our first instinct is always to save and re-use what’s existing. This is primarily due to a large[...]

Savoy Net Zero House

  The master bedroom with custom made book shelves and bedside reading lights.

Some Exterior Finish Photos

Compare the before photo taken in the Spring and the photo of the sunburst taken in between.  

Highly Efficient ‘Passive Homes’ Gain Ground in US

After decades of near silence, a passive voice is making itself heard in American architecture. By Joann Loviglio, Associated Press So-called passive houses, which have been around in Europe but never really[...]