Young Voices for the Planet, children and young people inspire us to work towards environmental advocacy!

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We recently heard a story on NPR about Young Voices for the Planet.  It is an educational model with movies about climate change and advocating for saving the planet made with and for children.  “Seeing what other young people have done and are doing will inspire you to action! Say Yes to Action! Say No to Fear.”

Author and Illustrator, Lynne Cherry (well-known for her popular children’s books especially her rain forest classic, “The Great Kapok Tree” and her environmental history “A River Ran Wild”), is the originator, producer and director of the Young Voices for the Planet films.

This is the movie trailer about what they are doing and from there you can explore the web site:

Young Voices for the Planet is a project of Young Voices on Climate Change, a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible organization.